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Hey #yyj, hope you like the snow! Signed, global warming xx

Welcome back, winter! I know most of you West Coasters aren’t familiar with water in its crystallized form (oh my sweet, summer children) but as for the rest of the country, we’re pretty used to it. According to The Weather Network, we’ll experience “a return to the classic Canadian winter weather this year” instead of… Read more »

Safe injection sites are necessary for saving lives

This article originally appeared in The Other Press, Douglas College’s student newspaper, on Dec. 7. NEW WESTMINSTER—Vancouver is home to the first legal supervised injection site in North America. At Insite, intravenous drug users can openly use under the watch of medical professionals. Absolutely no drugs are distributed, but the site provides drug test kits,… Read more »

EDITORIAL: Fake news has real consequences for media and the masses

The Pope endorsed Donald Trump. An FBI agent investigating Hillary Clinton’s private email server was discovered dead in an apparent murder-suicide. And busloads of professional protesters were dropped off mere blocks away from an anti-Trump protest site in Austin, Texas. These are but a few of the election news stories that got traction on social… Read more »

Canada’s national bird: why the whisky jack?!

When I first heard that the whisky jack, or grey jay, had been named Canada’s national bird by the Royal Canadian Geographical Society, I was disappointed, confused, and honestly, a little bit hurt. It’s not that I have something against the whisky jack—I’m totally over that time last winter when I was snowshoeing and one… Read more »

Free tuition is not the ideal solution to student woes

The #allnoutnov2 National Student Day of Action, a reactionary movement to ever-climbing tuition, sought foremost to push back against the notion that, as the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) puts it, further education is a “privilege and a personal benefit that students and their families should have to pay for.” But bringing free post-secondary education… Read more »

Don’t whitewash tradition: Keep the red poppy

A red poppy can lay dormant for 80 years beneath the soil until they receive enough light to grow. For this reason, the red poppy has been a major symbol for fallen soldiers. They have been widely influential in commemorating the sacrifice and service of many military personnel since John McCrae first spoke about them… Read more »

Letters to the editor: Nov. 3

University Bible Fellowship accusations unfounded Editor’s note: On June 9, the Martlet published a story titled “Student club connected to an organization accused of cult-like activities.” This report outlines the connections between the University Bible Fellowship — a UVic student club — and the worldwide organization of the same name, the latter of which has been accused of activities… Read more »