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Mind your mind: Self care is hard

This article was originally published by The Ubyssey on May 24. VANCOUVER — As students attending one of the top universities in the world, we often walk the line between what it means to be a committed student versus flirting with self-endangerment. We sacrifice our own well-being, fail to take a step back when we most need… Read more »

EDITORIAL: Super InTent City is just the tip of the iceberg

More so than ever before, the last few weeks have been a trying time for residents and neighbours of Victoria’s Super InTent City. On May 27, one of its residents was arrested for assaulting a CTV cameraman — one of two instances of reported violence in a 24-hour period. And now the province has filed a second… Read more »

Language matters: how our words trivialize mental health

As humans, we talk too much. According to a University of California study, the average person speaks up to 20 000 words a day. So, what are we talking about? As a university student, I hear friends and classmates discuss their hot dates, weekend plans, and their favourite movies. However, I also hear many people using… Read more »

Ban the grizzly trophy hunt

The spring hunt for grizzly bears is now in full swing across B.C. This season alone, hundreds of hunters will descend into the Great Bear Rainforest to seek out a trophy. But in an age when we are anxious to leave the environment thriving for our children and grandchildren, isn’t it time to end this… Read more »

My first walk down an unknown path

Beginning my first year of university was like taking my first step into the “real world.” I was terrified and anxious to be moving away from my home on the mainland, the only place I had ever lived. However, things weren’t as intimidating or daunting as I had anticipated once I arrived. The campus’ homey… Read more »

EDITORIAL: Protect the source, protect the press

In a recent legal battle between VICE News and the RCMP, an Ontario court determined that a VICE reporter must divulge the contents of digital communications between himself and Farah Shirdon to the RCMP. Shirdon, an Islamic State fighter, was charged in absentia with six terrorism-related offences on Sept. 24, 2015, and the RCMP requested… Read more »

Poverty and homelessness are not a “nuisance”

The Province of British Columbia’s failed injunction against the tent city on the grounds of the provincial courts sets precedent in a positive direction. Law tends to follow precedents of previous cases and in this case, Abbotsford v. Shantz (2015) was put to the test. Chief Justice Hinkson ruled, after a sad foray into the… Read more »