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The divide between art and science

From the perspective of a scientist At university, students are squeezed into categories on a daily basis. The classes we take begin to define and channel our thinking. We become either a scientist or an artist — not both. But if you are defined as a scientist, should that mean that you can only communicate… Read more »

The slow death of the duct tape military

The Canadian Armed Forces have become second hand and second rate. Here’s why you should care. In 1918, Canadian units were some of the British Expeditionary Force’s most effective fighters, with reputations as elite sharpshooters, night raiders, and shock troops.    In 1945, Canada boasted the world’s third largest navy, fourth largest air force, and… Read more »

What does suffering mean to you?

Canada’s Medical Assistance in Dying laws have some complications When you reach the end of your life and your facilities begin to fail, at what point does this become suffering to you? What does suffering mean to you? Where is the final breaking point? Is it being trapped in a hospital bed? The loss of… Read more »

EDITORIAL: 2018 — Ways the world didn’t let us down

In a world of thorns, the Martlet decided to stray from the usual by focusing on the roses of 2018 2018 has been a tumultuous year. The United States federal government implemented a family separation policy that saw children as young as five detained in cages, the United Nations announced that we have just twelve… Read more »

Give me liberty, or give me library fines

Why the UVic library should end the archaic practice of fining students for late returns Deadlines are everywhere, especially in university. Essays, projects, rent, tuition, graduation application — it can be a lot to keep track of. But perhaps the most trivial deadlines a student can miss are the ones enforced by the library. Which… Read more »

It’s okay to study something different

Second annual Biomedical entrepreneurship day highlights academic diversity across campus — and that’s a good thing As someone handed me a lab coat and a pair of goggles, I thought to myself: I do not belong here. With blistering white light radiating from the ceiling, along with both red and green liquids sitting on shelves,… Read more »

LETTER: OFAR against anti-semitic and racial violence

Dear community, As an organization committed to the principles of anti-racism, anti-colonialism, and combatting anti-semitism, the Open Forum Against Racism (OFAR) embraces the humanity of all people. Our core principles are democracy, equality, social justice, inclusion, pluralism, respect, safety, and compassion. We are outraged and deeply saddened by the carnage that occurred in Pittsburgh, PA… Read more »