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Shouldn’t we all stand up (or kneel) for what we believe in?

Why Nike’s decision to make Colin Kaepernick the face of their 30th anniversary “Just Do It” campaign is inspiring and you would be ignorant to think otherwise With nine simple words, the world’s largest sports apparel company has taken the moral high ground on issues larger than sport, angering some investors and millions of consumers… Read more »

The colonizer’s unwelcome gift

Why we need to recognize the patriarchy’s effect on First Nations women The patriarchy. The concept is so often talked about within the framework of feminism, but then why wouldn’t it be? The dismantling of the patriarchy is one of the main foundations of feminism. Yet how the patriarchy affects First Nations communities in Canada… Read more »

This fall, don’t turn a blind eye to local politics

The first week of school is a busy time, whether you’re hauling a stack of insanely expensive textbooks out of the bookstore, outfitting your new dorm room, or finalizing your class schedule. But now is also an important time to remember something you probably heard back in grade school. Thousands of students from across the… Read more »

Letter from the (outgoing) Editor: a long-overdue farewell

When writing heartfelt goodbyes, people typically start with a “As [important job position] of [company with a terrible, stuffy name], people always ask me . . . ” Unfortunately I can’t do that, because as Editor-in-Chief of the Martlet, no one ever really asked me about the stuff I did here. Instead, I spent a lot of time asking… Read more »

LETTER: Stop the poor-bashing culture in Victoria

I am getting so fed up with hearing the anti-homeless and poor-bashing rhetoric both in the news and from people writing hateful opinion pieces in local newspapers. Why do people in Victoria have such horrible things to say about poor and homeless folks? People seem to think that because they have a roof over their… Read more »

Letter to the Editor: fair trade avocados the way to go

Re: Green Gold Bleeds Red: The hidden cost of avocados I appreciated Anabelle Budd’s informative and well-researched article on the hidden cost of avocados.  I was alarmed by the fact that Mexican producers of non-organic avocados are continuing to spray “huge quantities” of “highly toxic pesticides” on their avocado crops, and that a “significant number… Read more »

A love letter to my divided department

I was so proud to be accepted into the University of Victoria. My first time on campus, I cried — I was struck by the beauty of the gardens, the rabbits (I miss the rabbits), the international languages, and the smell of weed floating on the air (it was April 20). I spent the first few years… Read more »

Youth sport specialization is ruining childhood sport

Parents pushing their kids to be the next ‘Connor McDavid’ or ‘Christine Sinclair’ put too much pressure on youth’s shoulders For the past four summers, I have seen the dark side of youth sport first-hand. I have been witness to the greed, hunger, and self-indulgence of parents who unnecessarily push their children to become youth… Read more »

Letter to the Editor: Disappointment in UVic Sociology

Dear Editor, My name is a name, I am 49 years old, I am female . . . I am indigenous. I am writing in response to the article “A department divided” dated April 19, 2018. I have always always been socially motivated, so much so, that now I have worked and raised my family, I would like to… Read more »