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EDITORIAL: Let the students edit

The UVic Senate meeting on Jan. 6 left a lot up in the air after amendments to the university’s policy on the use of editing services by students were sent back to committee for revision. The proposed amendments to UVic’s Policy on Academic Integrity (PAI) prohibited the use of editors unless specifically authorized by an… Read more »

Trump’s presidency a cause for compassion

The multicultural mosaic that paints the free world isn’t just pretty, it’s practical — so here’s hoping it weathers the storm of Donald Trump’s presidency. For this mosaic to be preserved, Trump’s unabashed bigotry needs to be challenged. It’s not actually such a tall task; like with many aspects of Trump, his intolerance is as absurd as… Read more »

EDITORIAL: What the Martlet wants to see in 2017

With a new year comes new oppor- tunities for reflection, and we’re not excluded from that. So what does the Martlet want to see more of this year? First, let’s see more engagement in student politics. While we try our best to inform students what’s going on with their elected representatives, and are always stoked… Read more »

Why must the women’s basketball team play warm-up for the men?

If you ask me, the best part of a women’s basketball game at UVic is when it finishes. But my reasoning for that over-simplistic and intentionally facetious statement is most likely different than what you’d expect: I love the end of the women’s UVic basketball games because that’s when spectators actually arrive. If you’ve never… Read more »

Hey #yyj, hope you like the snow! Signed, global warming xx

Welcome back, winter! I know most of you West Coasters aren’t familiar with water in its crystallized form (oh my sweet, summer children) but as for the rest of the country, we’re pretty used to it. According to The Weather Network, we’ll experience “a return to the classic Canadian winter weather this year” instead of… Read more »

Safe injection sites are necessary for saving lives

This article originally appeared in The Other Press, Douglas College’s student newspaper, on Dec. 7. NEW WESTMINSTER—Vancouver is home to the first legal supervised injection site in North America. At Insite, intravenous drug users can openly use under the watch of medical professionals. Absolutely no drugs are distributed, but the site provides drug test kits,… Read more »

EDITORIAL: Fake news has real consequences for media and the masses

The Pope endorsed Donald Trump. An FBI agent investigating Hillary Clinton’s private email server was discovered dead in an apparent murder-suicide. And busloads of professional protesters were dropped off mere blocks away from an anti-Trump protest site in Austin, Texas. These are but a few of the election news stories that got traction on social… Read more »

Canada’s national bird: why the whisky jack?!

When I first heard that the whisky jack, or grey jay, had been named Canada’s national bird by the Royal Canadian Geographical Society, I was disappointed, confused, and honestly, a little bit hurt. It’s not that I have something against the whisky jack—I’m totally over that time last winter when I was snowshoeing and one… Read more »