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Letter: Those on the left need to deal with dissenting voices

Re: “In the debate over free speech, there are no clear winners,” March 9 As well meaning as the editor’s sentiments are in your editorial “In the debate over free speech there are no clear winners,” there is a binary present of ‘left’ and ‘right.’ The censorship of Peter Singer’s speech is indicative of what… Read more »

B.C. budget raises hopes when we should be raising questions

On Feb. 21, the B.C. Liberals released their 2017 budget — the last before the provincial election on May 9. The budget includes increased funding for education, child welfare, and a ‘Prosperity Fund,’ as well as MSP premium cuts for lower income families, tax cuts for small businesses, and a reduction in provincial student loan interest rates — to… Read more »

Liberal hack-usations backfire, political diversions continue

In early February, the B.C. Liberals claimed that their party’s website had been hacked, basing their accusations on the few hours where private information of Vancouver Island residents who had taken part in a survey was made publicly available. Premier Christy Clark blamed the B.C. NDP for hacking into her party’s website, but offered no… Read more »

Letter from the editor: A case for the student fee referendum

Over the last few days of what I hoped would be a very chill student election campaign period, I’ve been struggling with the opposition to one of the two referendums on which students are being asked to vote: the referendum that would adjust student fees to match Canada’s inflation target, starting in January 2019. And… Read more »

EDITORIAL: Acting smug about Canada is to our own detriment

When President Donald Trump issued an executive order halting the intake of travellers from seven Muslim-majority nations on Jan. 28, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tweeted in response, “To those fleeing persecution, terror & war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith. Diversity is our strength #WelcomeToCanada.” Many Canadians were quick to point to this… Read more »

Trudeau is right to scrap electoral reform

More pressing matters require federal attention This article originally appeared in The Manitoban, the University of Manitoba’s student newspaper,  on Feb. 16, 2017. WINNIPEG — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau may have reneged on an election promise in discarding his commitment to electoral reform, but he was right to do so. Electoral reform is not a pressing need for Canadian democracy, nor… Read more »

Asian erasure in Hollywood is more than just skin deep

As both a South Korean immigrant and a pop-culture junkie, I grew up searching for Asian representation in the TV shows and movies I watched — kind of a weird, racialized version of Where’s Waldo? I guess. More often than not, I was left disappointed by Hollywood’s portrayal of Asian characters, which varied from insensitive tropes to… Read more »