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Sex and the (Univer)City | The more the merrier

‘The more the merrier’ is a fairly common saying. It’s a response that works for “Can I bring a friend to the party?”, “Should we get another dog even though we already have 17?”, and apparently, “Should I make my students read another 40-page paper the day before the exam?”. For some reason, however, this… Read more »

It’s time to go cold turkey on meat consumption

Remember how you used to think your grandparents were crazy for still smoking a pack a day of Export As when you were young? It took many years after doctors first established the link between premature death and tobacco for society to actually change. That’s true across the board when it comes to changing human… Read more »

Introducing pro-soccer team Pacific FC

Bringing professional soccer to an island near you Gear up soccer fans, Greater Victoria will soon be home to a fast, exciting, and uniquely Canadian brand of “the beautiful game.” Starting in April, Pacific Football Club will compete in the inaugural season of the Canadian Premier League (CPL), playing out of the newly-renovated Westhills Stadium… Read more »

What adults born after 1970 need to know about measles

Booster shots may be required With the outbreak of several cases of measles in B.C. since the beginning of 2019, here’s what you need to know about the spread and prevention of this highly infectious disease. Few people are concerned about measles. It is a common opinion that the rash-like illness is not deadly enough… Read more »

Two UVic students take on Fencing Canada Cup

UVic fencing community en-garde for growth Equal parts technique, raw power, and energy, competitive fencing is a scarce art at UVic. But for the first time in recent years, two UVic students had the opportunity to fight among the ranks of Canada’s top fencers. From Jan. 25 to 27, third-year students Susanna Fong and Kaimin… Read more »

The time I became an unintentional cougar

I’m what you’d call a ‘mature student.’ I went back to school at 30, and I’m in my third year — you do the math. I am also someone who has always had an affinity for older men. My first crush was Uncle Jesse from Full House (child of the ’80s), and my celebrity crush… Read more »