Taking the Pulse of Canada’s Health Care System

Venerable journalist Jeffrey Simpson’s new book, Chronic Condition, examines and challenges why debating health care issues has become endemic rather than a healthy exercise. In this, his eighth book, Simpson challenges the populist understanding of the history of health care by exposing common myths, and he debunks some ideas about the future of health care. In… Read more »

Skyfall: Interview with director Sam Mendes

Some have called the 23rd installment of the James Bond franchise, Skyfall, the best Bond movie since the franchise began. Its success may come as a surprise, or not, depending on how you see it. The director is Oscar-winning filmmaker Sam Mendes, best known for his work in American Beauty and Revolutionary Road – both… Read more »

Grappling with group projects

The slacker. The control freak. The coat-tail rider. The space case. No one wants them in the big group project assigned in class. Students bemoan group projects even without having to work with these types of people. Everyone was so busy, coordinating was nearly impossible. So-and-so got sick. One person didn’t do as much work… Read more »