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A glorious chat with The Glorious Sons

Since releasing their debut album, The Union, in 2014, Kingston-based rock band The Glorious Sons has toured across Canada and the U.S., developing and establishing their place in the new music scene. Three years later, the band is about to release its sophomore album, Young Beauties and Fools: an outpouring of emotional instability paired with… Read more »

Definitively West Coast: The Martlet’s chat with Carmanah

From songwriting on Denman Island to advocating for environmental sustainability, Victoria’s Carmanah embrace the ruggedness of their music. Their name comes from the ancient rainforest on Vancouver Island, and their sound is true to that —  an effortless fusion of folk, rock, reggae, and funk, coming together to produce raw sonority that celebrates West Coast living… Read more »

Rifflandia to celebrate its 10th birthday

B.C.’s live music scene has undoubtedly taken several hits in 2017, with Pemberton, Squamish, and Rock The Shores festivals cancelled this past summer season. Regardless, Rifflandia Music Festival looks to continue a decade-long tradition of providing Victoria with new music and undeniable relevance, saturated in west coast culture. Set to take place from Sept. 14-17,… Read more »

Rifflandia 2016: Music overcomes divisive ‘shock politics,’ says Michael Franti & Spearhead frontman

Since the release of their new album Soulrocker this June, Michael Franti & Spearhead have been touring through the United States, spreading good vibes and inspiring countless crowds. This Friday, the “I’m Alive (Life Sounds Like)” hitmakers are bringing their act to Rifflandia’s main stage, and the band’s eponymous frontman took the time to speak… Read more »

Rifflandia: Nothing’s stopping Joey Bada$$

Compared to his Victoria fanbase, Joey Bada$$ stands in stark relief. Raised in Brooklyn, amidst a street culture different from anything on Vancouver Island, he was shaped by fellow New York-area rappers like Nas, Biggie and Jay-Z. Joey probably had never heard of Victoria – let alone Rifflandia Festival – before. This incongruity between artist… Read more »

Rifflandia: Peter Ricq talks Gang Signs, new LP

Gang Signs is a Vancouver-based indie-electronic music act comprised of Matea Sarenac, Adam Fink, and Peter Ricq. Their music, once described as “slacker dance,” is an affecting combination of pulsating bass, reverberating synth, breathy male and female vocals, and much more. Their new LP, Geist, is set for release on Oct. 2, and they’ll be… Read more »

Bursting the music festival bubble

Strict security, high prices, and tall fences seem the norm at the super-festivals like Coachella or Glastonbury. The question is: do all the dollars ruin the raw, authentic experiences (musical or otherwise) that festivalgoers seek?

Hilltop Hoods won’t let you down

Sometimes at a music festival, you find yourself at a show so on point and fulfilling that it makes you question why people have jobs and do anything in life other than watch amazing live performances. Australian hip-hop group Hilltop Hoods provided one of those shows at Phillips Backyard on Saturday night. From entrance to… Read more »