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Slate profile: The Independents

UVSS elections are often a struggle between two large slates. This year, only days before nominations were closed, three former members of Refresh UVic broke off and formed their own slate, The Independents. Out of the 37 candidates—all of whom are pining for one of the 17 positions—17 are organized with the Involve UVic slate,… Read more »

Elections FAQ

It’s no secret that few students participate in student government as a whole. Just 17 per cent of eligible voters cast ballots last year. With the polls opening Wednesday, March 4 at 9 a.m., we’ve done our best to present the information necessary to make an informed decision at the polls. Inside, you’ll find the… Read more »

Meeting to reduce quorum does not meet quorum

Despite the allure of free pizza and door prizes, the University of Victoria’s Student Society’s (UVSS) Semi-Annual General Meeting (SAGM) failed to make quorum on Feb. 5. Due to the lack of student involvement, motions to amend bylaws, including Bylaw 4.9 which deals with the number of students required to make quorum at general meetings,… Read more »

Board shorts Feb. 2: paid leave for UVSS execs

FEDERAL STUDENT LOBBYING Director of External Relations Greg Atkinson invited Jonathan Champagne, the Executive Director of the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (CASA), to speak at the meeting. CASA, formed in 1995, is a collection of 22 student unions which seeks to provide “accessible, affordable, and high-quality post-secondary education.” Champagne admitted that the Province of… Read more »

Qualms over quorum at UVSS general meetings

At the Semi-Annual General Meeting (SAGM) on Feb. 5, the UVSS will put forward a motion to amend bylaw 4.9, which speaks to quorum requirements at general meetings. Currently, the bylaw states that “quorum for general meetings shall be six tenths of one per cent (0.6).” The proposed changes will lower the necessary number required… Read more »

UVSS hosts marijuana legalization debate

The University of Victoria’s Student Society will host a panel discussion on marijuana legalization on Feb. 4 at 7 p.m. in the Farquhar Auditorium. The discussion will be led by audience-submitted questions, and explore issues associated with Canada’s public health, legislation, and enforcement. The panel will be moderated by CTV anchor Joe Perkins, and will… Read more »

Divestment discussion reaches municipal level

On Jan. 12, students and citizens of Victoria packed the Downtown Community Centre for a town hall meeting on fossil fuel divestment. The event, named Our Dollars, Our Future, was organized in co-ordination with city councillors Ben Isitt and Jeremy Loveday, as well as the UVic Students’ Society.

UVic to propose increased residence fees

The University of Victoria is proposing a 10-year plan to increase residence fees on campus in order to fund deferred maintenance expenses and the construction of a new 600-bed residence tower. “We started looking into the state of our residence building a few years ago,” said Kathryn MacLeod, Director of UVic Residence Services. “I believe… Read more »

Board shorts: Jan. 5

Correction: The date for a town hall meeting was incorrect in our print issue. The correct date for Our Dollars, Our Future is Tuesday, Jan. 13, not Monday, Jan 12.  RATIFICATION OF DIRECTORS Brought to the table by UVSS Chairperson Kayleigh Erickson, the Board carried a motion to accept the resignation of Board of Directors… Read more »