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UVic to propose increased residence fees

The University of Victoria is proposing a 10-year plan to increase residence fees on campus in order to fund deferred maintenance expenses and the construction of a new 600-bed residence tower. “We started looking into the state of our residence building a few years ago,” said Kathryn MacLeod, Director of UVic Residence Services. “I believe… Read more »

Board shorts: Jan. 5

Correction: The date for a town hall meeting was incorrect in our print issue. The correct date for Our Dollars, Our Future is Tuesday, Jan. 13, not Monday, Jan 12.  RATIFICATION OF DIRECTORS Brought to the table by UVSS Chairperson Kayleigh Erickson, the Board carried a motion to accept the resignation of Board of Directors… Read more »

Board of Governors meeting recap: Nov. 25

DIVESTMENT FORUM Vice-President External Relations Carmen Charette began the meeting by announcing that UVic’s divestment forum will occur at the end of January (a UVic spokesperson later clarified that a final date will be set by mid-December). According to Charette, this forum aims to encourage an open dialogue and provide further information around the divestment… Read more »

Valery Heckel chosen as new director of finance and operations for UVSS

After an emergency board meeting on Nov. 26, Valery Heckel, a former director-at-large, has been chosen as the interim UVSS Director of Finance and Operations. Heck el replaces Anas Cheema, who resigned from the board two days prior after months of criticism for a perceived lack of dedication to his duties.

UVSS director of finance and operations resigns

Anas Cheema, UVSS Director of Finance and Operations, resigned from his position via email as of 4 p.m. on Nov. 24. An emergency board meeting will be held on Nov. 26 in order to give the directors-at-large an opportunity to move for an interim position. “I wasn’t totally shocked, but I still wish this wasn’t… Read more »

Letters: Nov. 27

Re: “Board Shorts: Nov. 17“, “Board Shorts: Nov. 3“, “Board Shorts: Oct. 20“ I thank you for your coverage of the recent censure of Director of Finance Cheema and near censure of three more directors, but I am disappointed that you have not covered this matter in the depth it deserves. Censure, especially of an… Read more »

Board shorts: Nov. 17

ANNOUNCEMENTS In light of the tension looming over recent UVSS meetings, Chairperson Kayleigh Erickson asked for the Board’s input on initiating more out-of-work social events in order to foster camaraderie among board members, most of whom only see each other during meetings. The Board met this idea with enthusiasm. FAILED MOTION FOR LEAVE Director of… Read more »

Board shorts: Nov. 3

REVIEW OF EVENTS After a round table check in, the UVSS board agreed almost unanimously of being tired and stressed in this hectic time of school. Several announcements were made congratulating the board on the recent success of the free store launch and the SUB’s Scare Fair debt walk last week. PRESENTATIONS UVision, a group… Read more »

UVSS AGM exceeds quorum, divestment goes to referendum

On Oct. 16, the University of Victoria Students’ Society’s (UVSS) held their Annual General Meeting (AGM). Preliminary figures indicate that over 220 people attended, well over the 108 required to meet quorum, in large part thanks to the interest surrounding fossil fuel divestment.

Student referendum lacks specifics

I was pleased to attend Thursday’s annual general meeting of the UVSS. To see Cinecenta filled to capacity with hundreds of students passionate about issues which affect our university was fantastic. I was disappointed, however, at the lack of clarity in the UVSS’s plans for divestment. The referendum, which an overwhelming majority of the crowd… Read more »