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Board of Directors vote to rescind VIPIRG referendum

The UVSS Board of Directors voted unanimously to rescind a motion that would put the Vancouver Island Public Interest Research Group’s (VIPIRG) fee to a student referendum after directors were taken to task by its membership at last night’s board meeting. The referendum, which was proposed last week by Jordan Quitzau, UVSS director of events,… Read more »

Board of Directors backpedal on VIPIRG referendum

The UVSS Board of Directors has quickly backtracked on a motion put forward at last night’s board meeting that would have seen students vote on funding currently allocated to the Vancouver Island Public Interest Research Group (VIPIRG). The referendum would have students choose between continuing to pay $3 per academic term to VIPIRG, or re-allocating half… Read more »

We read the UVSS Strategic Plan so you don’t have to

At the Oct. 27 Annual General Meeting, the UVSS Board of Directors released their two-year Strategic Plan. The 32-page document includes the results of an annual survey published by the UVSS in May, and updates students on the board’s goals and how they’re doing so far in their year-long term. The results of the survey… Read more »

UVSS directors defend National Student Day of Action absence

The UVSS board of directors are once again at the centre of controversy after the UVSS’s noted absence at last week’s #alloutnov2 National Student Day of Action rally. The Nov. 2 rally was held in solidarity with events across the country that saw students protest the increasing cost of post-secondary tuition. The Canada-wide movement was… Read more »

Students deserve a better controversy than #MakeUVicLitAgain

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re smack in the middle of Campus Kickoff season, which means you’re being bombarded from all sides with a slightly unhealthy overload of school spirit. And that’s okay. Back-to-school festivities are great for newbies to get acclimated to an unfamiliar environment, and soften the blow for returning students who… Read more »

TextbookBroke campaign pushes for lower textbook costs

Tired of spending obscene amounts of money on textbooks you hardly use anyway? On Tuesday, Aug. 30, the UVSS announced the start of the TextbookBroke campaign, which hopes to ease the burden on UVic student’s wallets during the back-to-school crunch. The campaign’s goal is to help save students money through the promotion of cost-saving measures,… Read more »

UVSS directors call for child care review

The July 25 board meeting, while lacking the usual attendance in human numbers, presented attendance of a full agenda and creative new proposals by the board. (I’m looking back at you, Periscope.) You can find a live tweeted account of the meeting on our Twitter page. UPDATES Director reports reconfirmed that summer UVSS operations are… Read more »