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Entire slate disqualified

The entire Refresh UVic slate has been disqualified from the 2015 University of Victoria Students’ Society election. According to the vote counts, all 15 candidates, including independent Calder Brown, were unsuccessful in their bid for elected office; however, Chief Electoral Officer Shawn Slavin disqualified the candidates because they were late submitting their campaign spending receipts… Read more »

Board Shorts March 23: Upcoming UVic events

DUMP AND RUN Director-at-Large Kenya Rogers announced that a team of Community Leaders (CLs) and other volunteers will be organizing a “Dump and Run” for the Food Bank. Those wishing to donate food to UVic students in need can come to the Arbutus Room in Cadboro Commons on April 13, 14, and 15. SSD EVENT… Read more »

UVic students rally for needs-based grants

  On March 24, students will rally outside the downtown ICBC office with over 3,000 signatures on a petition demanding more needs based, non-repayable student funding from the B.C. government. With students struggling to pay tuition fees and student loans, B.C. remains the only province in Canada without a needs-based funding program. “Students have a… Read more »

MRT: Episode 4 – Flicks and Votes

If you have ever been curious how Oscar voting works or whether or not slates are a good idea for university elections but have never been able to seamlessly transition those topics into an enjoyable and thought provoking discussion, the boy howdy do we have a show for you!

Slate profile: Refresh UVic

Mental Health Current UVSS Chairperson Kayleigh Erickson is running for re-election as part of Refresh UVic. “I promised students I would give it my all, and I did,” she said. Erickson says she fulfilled the goals promised from last year’s platform, including the new transit loop, mental health campaigns, and changes to harassment policy. Refresh… Read more »

Involve UVic

Student Engagement Prior to working for the UVSS this year as a Research and Communications Officer, Brontë Renwick-Shields said she was unaware of the resources available to students at the UVSS. Now running for Chairperson with Involve UVic, she wants to address the lack of engagement between the student body and their student government. “There… Read more »

Slate profile: The Independents

UVSS elections are often a struggle between two large slates. This year, only days before nominations were closed, three former members of Refresh UVic broke off and formed their own slate, The Independents. Out of the 37 candidates—all of whom are pining for one of the 17 positions—17 are organized with the Involve UVic slate,… Read more »

Elections FAQ

It’s no secret that few students participate in student government as a whole. Just 17 per cent of eligible voters cast ballots last year. With the polls opening Wednesday, March 4 at 9 a.m., we’ve done our best to present the information necessary to make an informed decision at the polls. Inside, you’ll find the… Read more »